Friday, 25 May 2012

Drawing under the water

Is it possible to use ink in the water and draw with it?!
before you answer see this picture . . .

Imagine this scene is the image of the spots of ink was dropped in a basin of water!
The owner of this creative work is the artist Mark Mawson, a photographer specializing in underwater photography and has many creative businesses in this area, and recently the Mawson publish this collection of images in a new album named Aqueous Fluoreau and it is  achieve a tremendous widespread across the Internet.
I did not find any technical details of the method used by Mawson to create this work and appears to be preferred to keep her secret to himself, did little more than they are different types of paint by throwing in the basin of water, then pick up the moments of collision with rock bottom and climb, so I will just put this group striking of his works:

This was the new collection of his works, but it has two sets as well as carrying two old name Aqueous and Aqueous II Here's some of  the content of it:

It is true that creativity has no limits!